Real Bride: Kenzie

Adorable Kenzie married her high school sweetheart in her dream dress which was delicately beaded and had amazing unique details that fit her personality perfectly!












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Real Bride: McKenzie

Our sweet bride McKenzie selected this gorgeous lace overlay dress with custom elbow length sleeves for her wedding gown.

Philip and I met in March 2013.  I was working at the jewelry counter of the Kohl’s store in Orem, and Phil happened to come in that same day looking for summer shorts.  He came up to me asking all sorts of questions about the shorts, and eventually asked for my phone number.  I thought that he was so cute and sweet, but I was hesitant about giving my number to a stranger.  I was completely caught off guard, and so the first response that came to my mind was, “You’re not a creeper are you?” to which he adorably replied, “I don’t think so…?”  We went on our first date a few days later.

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We became engaged on November 9 later that year, and I began the wedding dress search a month later.  I found Avenia Bridal after an incredibly long day of dress shopping with no luck.  I wanted to call it quits, but my mother convinced my to try one more shop.  I was so glad I listened to her!  I found a gown with everything I had been looking for:  elegant lace, beautiful details, and a wonderful vintage design.  Avenia was wonderful.  When I mentioned that I loved this dress but would like to add 3/4 length sleeves, they didn’t hesitate in working to make it a reality.  They were great at each of my appointments and worked with all of my needs.

Our wedding was on May 3, 2014 in the LDS Mount Timpanogos Temple, and I couldn’t have dreamed a more perfect day.  We were so caught up in our happiness that we didn’t even notice when a few things didn’t go as planned.  We had our friends, family, and each other; nothing else mattered.

We were lucky enough to be able to have our reception in my mother’s backyard which not only saved us a lot of money, but also provided the perfect atmosphere for my vision of a beautiful vintage-style reception.  The evening was full of fun, laughter, and good food, and my dress was the center of attention.  A number of young girls told me that they want their dress to look just like mine when they grow up.  Among everything the best part of my day was knowing that I could now call Philip mine forever.

Rachel Johnson with Luminosity Photography

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Real Bride: Alice

Adorable Alice shares with us her cute love story and wonderful wedding day! She decided to wear a beaded lace mermaid gown with some added customization’s to make it perfectly Alice.




The Man: I met my husband, Tyler Harris, during an acting competition in California five years ago and later doing a play for the Hale Center Theater. I was playing Pheobe in As You Like It and he was Sylvius. She is being romantically chased by Silvius. He spent two months confessing his “love” while my character constantly rejected him. Then five years later,  we were in another play together. No romantic interactions…on stage. We were definitely in a state of jumping back and forth between the friend zone and something romantic and incredible! I was desperately trying to get him to put the moves on me.  We constantly laughed through rehearsal and texted all day…and sometimes through the night. He made/makes me laugh harder than I ever have. So after months of ceaseless flirting he confessed his love for me…for real. We road tripped together on a camping trip with friends and FINALLY kissed ourselves right out of the friend zone and into gushy love!




The Dress: I knew pretty well what I wanted in a dress: a flowy bottom, lace, romantic and elegant. I had seen a designer gown that I fell in love with but I couldn’t find anything similar. That’s when I decided to try Avenia for a custom gown. I ended up finding an all lace, too big for me dress with a lace collar that looked like I stuffed lace napkins down my neck. I really just tried it on as a fluke. But the lace on the dress had the perfect applique and beading that screamed classic glitz!  Working with Nancy and the consultants was my favorite part. We took out the napkin collar, fit it to me, replaced the plastic buttons with classic fabric ones, and the biggest change – we added tulle godets up every seam on the bottom of the dress to give me the flowing romantic feel that I wanted. Also, very importantly, Nancy worked within my budget!




The Wedding: Tyler and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 4th, 2014. 4.4.14!!  One of the biggest milestones that was key in us falling in love was seeing the movie “The Great Gatsby.”  So I went for the glitz and glam of the roaring 20′s but most importantly with tons of mint green! I am obsessed with mint. Everything was mint and gold, with blush flowers. I wanted a vintage wedding, but not one that looked shabby and old. I wanted classic, art deco elegance. Even our reception cookies had mint and gold on them. Also working within a budget and doing all of the deisgn and planning myself meant we needed simplicity that would also bring out the spring season. We had blush flowers, mint table clothes, sequin cake table and a gold sequin backdrop. After envisioning, designing and DIY DIY DIY I was ecstatic that it all flowed and worked together beautifully!




The Party: The reception was a blast. Despite the stress from the management, our reception venue was beautiful! Southworth Hall had the elegant chandeliers and awesome exposed brick with hard wood floors that fit our theme perfectly.  All of the hard work payed off and our family put together the decorations just how I imagined. We decorated the hall with mint and gold. Our amazing friends “No Sleep” transposed many of our favorite love songs like, “Young and Beautiful”, “Mirrors”, “500 miles” into 20′s jazz arrangements. The whole reception just flew by! At times I just couldn’t believe I was at MY wedding reception and the handsome man next to me was my HUSBAND! Ahh! We couldn’t stop giggling. The best part was our dance party at the end, just being goofy and having fun with our family and friends.




The Feelings: When we were married I just remember smiling at Tyler the whole day. I remember I was sooo nervous right before the ceremony but then it was the easiest thing I’d ever done. It was part disbelief that the day was finally here! We were married. This was it. I think we just finally realized all of these emotions; we had relief that the stress of planning a wedding was over, excitement for the future, happiness that we didn’t have to say goodbye to each other every night, and peace that we had just been sealed together forever.




The Advice: I would advise to let people help you with whatever you can. Also, get a wedding video! There is so much more emotion that can be captured through film. Mine was done by Enge Chen and turned out amazing even with just some friends capturing whatever footage they could. Just get something on video! Prepare your mind mentally that things will go wrong. Some elements wont work out the way you had worked so hard for, but remember the whole point of all of it is that this is the day your marriage begins. All that matters is now you are husband and wifey!




Ceremony: Salt Lake Temple
Photography: Mikki Platt Photography
Reception Food: Cookie Haven
Veil: Custom
Linens: Custom
Flowers: Garden Melodies
Cake: Lady Q’s Sweets
Live Band: No Sleep
Video: Enge Chen
Venue: Historic Southworth Hall, Provo


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Real Bride: Emily

Emily decided to wear a fun ruffled organza mermaid gown for her wedding day. We love her sparkly belt and her bright blue shoes. She looked absolutely beautiful!




My husband’s name is Brad Forsyth and we met at church. We chatted throughout an activity, and he asked me on our first date a few days later.


I chose my gown by trying it on…. I had already been to a few places before, and I had two very close favorites so far, but I couldn’t decide between them. When we went to Avenia’s Bridal, I just knew that it would be the day I’d find my dress! I didn’t know what it would be, I just had a feeling. Nancy was there and she suggested this one dress that she thought would look adorable. I tried it on, and I LOVED it. It was a combination of the two dresses that I had liked before. I tried on a few other dresses, but eventually put that one back on again. I didn’t buy it the same day- I went home and debated some more and came back about a week after deciding that I liked it the most and that the price was worth it. I was so happy to have found my dress!!! And I still am happy, I want to wear it every day! They need to make some kind of party or event where it’s okay to wear your wedding dress again.




I was married on May 3, 2014, in the Salt Lake Temple.


Our reception was at Aspen Landing. Our colors were dark purple, light blue, and silver. We had lanterns as the center pieces on the tables, and we had an ice cream bar as refreshments. Our cake was delicious and adorable. The reception (well the whole day, really) went by soooo fast! Every time I turned around it was time for us to do the next thing on our program! We started with a line to greet our guests, and then we did our first dance, the bouquet and garter toss, then we danced the rest of the night. We did a sparkler send off. Everything went so smoothly, and we were really happy and appreciative to everyone who was supporting us!




I felt like I was dreaming and/or floating the whole day. Finally, the day that we had been waiting for, for SO LONG, had finally arrived! Brad and I were engaged for 7 months and we had dated for a year before that and we were so happy to be finally married! Of course there were some minor hiccups in our day, but we were so happy about being married that we didn’t even care. Everything worked out anyways without us stressing over it, so that’s my advice to everyone else out there getting married- just focus on being happy because everything else literally magically comes together. I just felt so beautiful and so lucky and so happy and so care-free. It was the best day ever.




I had a good experience with Avenia Bridal! Nancy was so nice and helpful to me, and so were the other girls there! I had a lace-up back which can be a pain to lace up and take out time after time while I was trying it on and getting it fitted. Everyone was really cooperative. Also, on the day I picked up my dress, in passing I just told Nancy that I had been trying to look for blue shoes but had been unsuccessful and was basically giving up on them, when she remembered that she actually had one pair of blue shoes left! She pulled them out and they were my size and I was so excited! I basically found everything I needed at Avenia Bridal- dress, belt, and shoes! It was a good experience. They actually finished my dress a month early before my wedding day, so it was nice to have that stress off my shoulders. It fit perfectly, and I just loved it!




Vendors I’d like to credit:
- Blake’s Gourmet Catering: Cake. It was DELICIOUS, which can be hard to find in cakes covered in fondant, but ours was so good. Definitely recommend her.
- Kelly Sansom: Photographer. He was also amazing. We love our pictures and he was also just a great guy to work with.
- Aspen Landing: Reception Center. The owner was really flexible with us, and I didn’t get a chance to thank him the day of, but he did an excellent job putting everything together. It was reasonable priced, came decorated with what we wanted, just enough space, and the ice cream bar was delicious.


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Recap: July Brides

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