Real Bride: Jacquelyn

Our sweet, beautiful bride Jacquelyn had a gorgeous custom gown made by Nancy Barrus Couture.


Story & Date:

My husband, Zac, and brother, Jacob, were close friends in high school. We met in my kitchen when he’d come over to hang out with my brother and their friends. When he went downstairs my best friend and I whispered about how cute we thought he was. A few years went by and he was coming over to see me instead of Jacob. Our friendship looked like mutual stake activities, canyon drives, and walks around Rock Canyon Park. We never dated because the timing didn’t feel right, but we were great friends through the rest of high school and throughout his mission service in Japan. We sent snail mail and packages to each other for 2 years, but were both openly hopeful we’d be more than just friends post-mission. Within the first few minutes I spent with Zac after he’d gotten home, I knew that I loved him and wanted to be with him. Months later we were engaged then happily married in Provo Temple May 3, 2014.




Process & Experience:

I knew that I’d have to design my dress from the beginning, but I went dress shopping anyway for the experience. When I tried to describe the dress I had in mind I only confused people. I wanted a dress that had weight to it- a full, grab-able skirt- but not like a ball gown because that shape doesn’t behave naturally or have flowy movement. I wanted the material to be soft and organic and imperfect. But none of those things coexisted in one dress, so I started looking for a seamstress. I was recommended to Nancy who gracefully extracted the feelings I had about my dress and put them onto paper, and then sewed them into my beautiful gown. I often didn’t know what I wanted until I saw it and would revert back to my dress words (delicate, youthful, feminine, natural) until Nancy came up with the perfect thing I had imagined but just didn’t know how to describe. If it was a frustrating or annoying process for her I didn’t even know it! She was always patient, sincerely wanted to make me happy, and answered every request above and beyond.

We achieved the soft, full skirt with creamy raw silk- the flow and movement with chiffon layered over top of it, the delicacy with my grandmother’s European organza (that we found in a box in my basement!), and the femininity with the peplum, pearl buttons, and long silk ribbon. Truly, my dream dress. Nancy also embellished my shoes with scraps of the organza.








Inspiration & Theme:

I have always loved I drew inspiration from weddings that were simple and classic, styled with organic or earthly elements, and had beautiful blooms. I wanted every detail of our evening to be timeless and age beautifully in photos. Our reception was held at Thanksgiving Point. We dined with our family and friends beneath twinkling lights near the rose arbors. There were sweet tributes made, musical numbers danced and sung, and celebration in the most beautiful scene I could have imagined. Everything about our day was perfect; the best word to describe it is ethereal. The weather was beautiful, our experience in the temple was lovely, and the company of family and friends throughout our day was humbling.





Advice to Brides:

-Be you. You don’t have to “bride up” with acrylic nails and high heels and lots of makeup if that just isn’t you. Wear a short dress if you want to. Wear flats if you want to feel more natural and comfortable.

-Simplify. Less is more.

-Include your fiancé in planning.

-Invest in a photographer. Our photographer gave us a gorgeous linen box with all the images from our wedding and it is such a treasure. If you’ll invest the time it takes to plan a wedding and put it together, then invest in someone you trust will preserve it for you how you’d like to remember it.





Photography: Rylee Hitchner

Hair & Makeup: Joanna Ballentine

Flowers: Sarah Winward

Reception Venue: The Loggia at Thanksgiving Point

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Wedding Planning Timeline: Three Months or Less!

There are many wedding planning timelines out there in bridal magazines, and most assume that your engagement is at least a year long… But what if you’re engagement is shorter? Here at Avenía, we have put together a Wedding Planning Timeline to help our brides who’s engagements are around 3 months long.


3 Months:

Set your Wedding Date.

Make a budget.

Reserve your location and book an officiant.

Find your wedding dress! 

Decide on a wedding theme/style and your wedding colors.

Choose the members of your wedding party.

Book your professionals.

Make your guest list.

Schedule and take your engagement photos!

Select and reserve your groom’s attire.

Register for gifts.

Select and order your wedding invitations.

Select your bridal party attire: bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, etc.


2 Months:

Solidify ceremony and reception arrangements.

Finalize your guest list and send out invitations!

Plan rehearsal dinner and luncheon- if you plan to have one.

Order your wedding cake and flowers.

Order/rent any reception decorations you may need.

Buy your groom’s wedding ring.

Make sure you have your shoes and accessories for your big day.

Determine where you will live after the wedding.

Plan the honeymoon!


1 Month:

Choose your hair and makeup for the wedding day!

Plan reception menu with your caterer.

Give a list of songs you would like to be played at your reception to your DJ or band.

Finalize details with each of the professionals.


2 Weeks:

Have a trial run of your hair and makeup.

Get your marriage license!

Confirm your reservations and details with each of your vendors.

Make sure everyone’s wedding attire fits well and looks cohesive together.

Pack for the honeymoon!

Designate who will meet and help each vendor on the wedding day.


Night Before:

Lay out dress and accessories.

Don’t forget your marriage license!

Get beauty sleep before your big day!

Wedding Day!:

Make sure to eat breakfast.

Get hair and makeup done.

Relax. Savor every moment. Remember take in all the details, and most importantly enjoy your special day!!


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Real Bride: Cassidy

Our beautiful bride Cassidy looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day in her silk taffeta, Angelina Couture ball gown. We adore her flower crown and amazing bouquet! Thank you Jessie Alexis Photography for the incredible photos!

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Real Bride: Morgan

Our sweet bride Morgan looked so beautiful in her Matthew Christopher gown on her wedding day!



What is your husband’s name? 

My husband’s name is Mitch Reagan. Mitch was my first best friend, first love, and my first kiss…



Tell us about your experience at Avenía:

It was the first day trying on dresses for me. We looked at a dress in the window and right away my mom wanted me to try it on (probably because the whole bodice was bedazzled.) We went in, although we didn’t have an appointment Bree was still just wonderful. We told her that we were only there for 3 more days and she said they would get us an appointment. Walking out we stopped to look at the dress again and Bree ran out to tell us that Ashley just arrived and had a little while before her next appointment and that she wouldn’t mind helping us try on a few dresses. They showed me to the room full of dresses and I instantly gravitated to a group of dresses that had a bunch of texture, and a vintage vibe to them. I went to the dressing room with a few selections and the first one I chose to try on THE dress! We left and went early to an appointment somewhere else, but all I could think about were the other two dresses. None of the other stores had any modest dresses with sleeves. Even the big name bridal stores! At Avenia, I love that they have the designers make dresses with sleeves built along with the dress.




Tell us about your wedding day! 

We were married on April 19th, 2014 in the Los Angeles Temple. I was so incredibly blessed to have my grandfather there to seal us and to have all of our closest family there with us. I will never forget it. We had the reception in my hometown of Castaic, California in my father’s best friend’s barn. Since Mitch and I love the outdoors so much we went for an outdoorsy, elegant wedding with my favorite color emerald green. We had the time of our lives and I didn’t want to leave.


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Real Bride: Mandalee

Beautiful bride Mandalee had a custom lace gown made by Nancy Barrus Couture. Brooke Bakken Photography captured her day beautifully!

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